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Terms and Conditions of Booking and Hire

This agreement is made between Campermad who are based at Cats Cradle Cottage, Knapton. Hereford HR4 8ER and the person/persons making the booking.

1) By signing and /or reading these terms and conditions you, the hirer agree that you have read, understood and accept this document and that you will comply with them. The rights and obligations contained in these terms and conditions govern your use of our van and are not transferable by you. You acknowledge that the van is owned by us and that any attempted transfer or sub letting of the van by anyone except us is prohibited and a criminal offence. You should not make any representation that may lead third parties to believe otherwise. We permit you to use the van on the terms of this rental agreement only.

2) Except as otherwise stated the following words have the following meanings in this document:-

a) Rental agreement means the Agreement signed and accepted by you together with all and any other documents expressly referred to in this agreement including insurance documents.

b) The campervan means the vehicle hired by you under the hire agreement together with all tyres, tools, accessories and equipment.

c) Security deposit means the sum of £500

d) Booking deposit means the sum of £150

e) Any reference to 'I', 'me', and 'my' refers jointly and severally to the person or persons who are the customers and who agree and or sign the hire agreement

f) Any reference to 'we' and 'us' means Campermad Campermad hires the van to you subject to the rental agreement which incorporates these terms and conditions. In entering into this rental agreement, you accept these terms and conditions and confirm that you strictly comply with them. The rights and obligations contained in these terms and conditions govern your use of our van and are not transferrable by you. You acknowledge that the van is owned by us and that any attempted transfer or sub letting of the van by anyone other than us is a prohibited and a criminal offence.

We permit you to use the van on the terms of this rental agreement only.


We will acknowledge receipt of your order without undue delay by email. You agree that all notices, agreements disclosures and other communications that we provide to you will electronically satisfy any requirement that such communications be in writing.

A security deposit of £500 is payable in cash on collection of your van.

All rights are reserved by us to refuse any hire under any circumstance. No refunds are payable on accommodation, or vans not being available where you change, cancel or seek to vary the agreement after departure. We take no responsibility for any detention, delay, loss, damage that you might experience no matter how it is caused or by whom.

we reserve the right to refuse rental of vehicles if you have received any endorsement for dangerous driving, driving whilst drunk or on drugs, theft or unauthorised taking of vehicles or if you have been disqualified for 12 months or more, also if you have more than 6 points on your licence (minor offences only)


The £500 security deposit is refundable on safe return of the van, in the condition in which it left our premises (with the interior clean, including all cooking utensils and appliances) subject to an inspection satisfactory to us. This deposit is to cover the possibility of damage (whether negligent, wilful, accidental or otherwise) or loss to the van or the fixtures and fittings therin or the living equipment and windows, wheels, tyres etc included with the van. the van and all it's equipment must be returned in good condition, with no damage to it, it's contents or any third party property.

The security deposit will normally be refunded within 14 days of the end of the rental period (as long as terms and conditions are met) allowing for speeding tickets, parking fines, congestion charges and any other costs to reach Campermad. You will be responsible for any costs of parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst you rent the vehicle. We reserve the right to make reasonable charges for our time incured and the administration costs involved in processing any fines\and/or penalties. At present our administration charge for this is £20

Should there be any damage or requirement for any repair, replacement or special cleaning, the costs will be deducted from your security deposit before the balance is returned to you. You irrevocably authorise us to deduct from the security deposit any amounts due to us arising out of this agreement. you agree irrevocably to pay all charges upon request. in the event that there is a claim, we reserve the right to retain the security deposit for such a period as is necessary to quantify the charges incurred which are to be deducted from the said deposit.

the security deposit will be used towards funding any loss or damage whatsoever to the van, equipment, fixtures and fittings as well as payment for the insurance excess.

Where the security deposit is insufficient to cover the costs, you will agree to pay any additional amounts due. These will be invoiced as appropriate, and you authorise us to invoice you in respect of any such amounts. If we do not hold your card details, then you will agree to pay all charges immediately upon presentation of the invoice.


Additional charges may arise from your use of the van during the rental period, and may include (but are not limited to) loss of or damage to the van and it's contents during the rental period and/or until the van is examined, the insurance excess, any late return charge, and any road tolls, any pet damage/extra cleaning charges and any fines for charges arisng from traffic or parking offences during the rental period.


All charges and expenses payable by you under this agreement are due on demand by us. If you do not pay all charges due immediately, a late charge of 3.5% per calendar month on the outstanding balance and any collection costs incurred by us and our agents, including reasonable legal fees, will be added. When you compromise more than one person, each person is jointly and severally liable for all obligations of you pursuant to this agreement


The vans all have comprehensive insurance for the first and any other named driver. Insurance is only for our van. The interior equipment and other items as specified in the van handbook are not covered by the insurance and any damage will incur costs in additon to the excess. You understand that all insurance cover is provided only by us for the duration of your agreed hire, and we are not obliged to obtain the best premium on the market.

Failing to provide information may invalidate your insurance and render you liable for all losses however sustained including claims by third parties.

You are advised to take out your own personal effects and travel insurance to cover items not part of this insurance, last minute cancellations etc.

We are not responsible for any damage in connection with any accident or breakdown caused by you, nor are we responsible for any loss from the van.Our insurance policy protects us and any authorised driver against legal claims from any other person or for death or personal injury or damage to any other person's property caused by use of the van on the road, on condition you report all such incidents to us\during the rental period (abiding by the terms and conditions of our insurance at all times) Any breaches contrary to this will be charged accordingly.

You should not exceed the maximum number of passengers suggested for the vehicle. If you do, the insurance will become invalid and you will be liable for any payments that would have normally been made by the insurer.

Theft protection does not apply beyond the rental date agreed with us, therefore if you return the van late, you will be responsible for any costs that we incur against any theft

If an insurance claim is made you are responsible for a £500 excess which is due in each and every incident.

The insurance does not cover glass, tyres, underside, canvas roof or interior of the van it must be noted.


If a van is returned later than the agreed time, without prior agreement £120 day charge will become payable. You will also be affecting the holiday of the next person to hire your campervan. Should the late return of the van make us liable for extra costs, we reserve the right to charge these costs to you. Any charges and costs for late return will be deducted from your security deposit. Should the late return be due to accident you will become liable for any revenue lost due to the van being unavailable for hire.

No refund is given for early return of the vehicle.


You agree that we are entitled to charge you an additional fee if the van requires more than our standard cleaning on it's return.


You must inform us when booking, the names and ages of all occupants that will be staying in the campervan. Failure to do so, will be a breach of terms and conditions and may invalidate insurance


Any damage or breakdown caused by your own actions will render you liable for any costs. This could be such things as pushing the engine too hard, using the wrong fuel eg diesel in a petrol vehicle, burnt out clutch (the list is not exhaustive if proved to be driver error). Make sure you make regular checks where necessary.


You will agree that tyres are in perfect condition at start of rental period. Any damage or repair to tyres is your responsibility.


You must follow Health and Safety guidelines at all times when operating the campervan and any of it's appliances, as per instruction when shown.


We supply the van to you in good overall and operating condition. You agree to return the van to us in the same condition as you rented it. Failure to do so, may result in further charges becoming due and payable by you.


You and we will check the condition of the van at the start of the rental period, and also on return of the vehicle. You will acknowledge receipt of the van as it appears upon visual inspection, to be in good clean condition and sound working order upon collection. It is your responsibility to check the van for existing damage when collection, and to inform us of such before departing.


When arriving to collect your van, please ensure you allow half an hour prior to leaving us, in order for us to show you how to operate everything within the camper, and to brief you on any necessary health and safety guidelines, also to complete any necessary paperwork etc. We reserve the right to refuse to provide you with a van, if you appear unfit to drive or do not meet the necessary requirements. In this case the contract will terminate immediately.


All drivers must be over 25 years of age, and under 70, in good health, and hold a full driving licence. You must not be taking drugs that may affect your ability to drive safely. You will need to have held a full UK licence for at least 2 years. We will require a copy of the driving licence, plus other identification information at the time of booking for any drivers. Other accepted ID would be passport and a recent (within the last 3 months) utility bill. These will be used for insurance purposes, and details will be retained by us in accordance with strict privacy policy guidelines. The van must only be driven by those authorised to do so at the time of booking. Failure to provide accurate information may invalidate the insurance and render you liable for all losses however sustained including claims by third parties.


You must carry only as many passengers as there are seat belts in the van. You are legally responsible for obtaining and using an appropriate child or baby seat as required. The fitting of any such equipment is the sole responsibility of you, and we can accept no liability whatsoever for defective child or baby seats not supplied by us or the incorrect fitting by you.


It is illegal to smoke inside our vans or awnings. You will be liable for any damage or smoke contamination caused to the van, the awning or any contents through smoking.


We cannot be held responsible for the cleanliness of drinking water obtained from various campsites. You are advised to change any stored water on board the van when arriving at your destination. The water stored in the van is not for drinking, we advise that you purchase bottled water.


We will allow one very well behaved dog at a charge per booking of £25, which allows for extra cleaning. Pets must be disclosed at the time of booking, and only if we confirm it is acceptable. Any damage will be charged to you. You undertake to comply with current law concerning the carriage of animals when travelling in the van at all times. Pets must never be left alone or unsupervised in the campervan at any time.


You must agree to look after the vehicle and keys to the van at all times. You must not leave them unattended at any time. In the event that they are lost or damaged you will be liable for the reasonable costs of obtaining replacement keys and any costs associated with providing the keys to you during the hire period. You must lock the van at all times when not in use.


You may leave your car at our premises during the hire period, but please note this is at your own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for loss of or damage to your car or it's contents whilst it is here.


You have permission to drive the van hired to you as long as the conditions listed in this agreement are adhered to at all times. You must use the van in a responsible manner. If you do not comply with these conditions you will become liable to us for any loss incurred by us or any damages/expenses we might suffer as a result of your breach of this agreement. We reserve the right to take the van back at any time, at your expense if you are in breach of this contract.


You must report to us, any traffic accident involving the van to us and the police straight away (within 24 hrs) Our insurance states that you must not admit any liability, release any party from liability, settle any claim or accept any disclaimer regarding the accident. You should take the names and addresses of everyone involved, including any witnesses, car registration numbers, as well as date, time, place, how it happened, any damage including photos. Do not leave the scene of the accident until the police arrive, as long as it is safe to do so. You agree to co-operate with us and our insurers in any investigation or legal proceedings, providing any evidence, attending court if necessary arising out of any loss of or damage to the van.


You are personally liable for all road tolls, fines, and legal penalties (parking tickets etc) incurred during your hire period. Any charges notified to us will be immediately invoiced to you, and need to be paid to us within 14 days. If we are still holding your security deposit, due costs will be deducted from this. You are liable for any losses or damage caused by you or any member of your party, and we cannot accept liability for any losses or damage liability caused to yourselves or any third party including their property. You are also liable for damage above cab height, which includes striking any overhead objects, and indemnify us against any liability You must use the van and it's contents reasonably and responsibly, and comply with health and safety instructions at all times. If you have not been issued any instructions, then a 'common sense' rule must apply.